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Established in April 2014 by Nikki Edmond Pecou as a way to care for herself mentally, physically and spiritually, Nikki came up  with a plan to encourage women to get up and move something! 

"I was introduced to fitness in my Sophmore year in college and I feel in love with it.  The love helped my shed more than the Freshman 15, I transformed my body with a new lifestyle by eating clean and developing an exercise regime that helped me remove 75 pounds from my frame. I did not run my first race (the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia) until I was 34 yrs old and from there running became my new love.  It has never been about being thin, it was and has always been about being healthy and being strong.  I like to think that strong is the new fit."

Nikki was a part of the massive casino layoffs that occurred in Atlantic City, New Jersey and at that moment realized that the area required more of a specialized niche when it came to healthcare due to the changing economy.  After gathering together a core group of women with like fitness goals, Nikki began to recruit women and lay a plan that would allow thousands of women to now learn better ways to care for themselves in lieu of not having company healthcare.   

Featured on the front page of the Atlantic City Press, SRTR showcased a platform for women of all ethnic backgrounds and all shapes and sizes. Emphasizing that exercise doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult, all you need is a pair of tennis shoes and motivation to make it out the door. "Often times we as women are the care takers for our families and our health will take a back seat," says founder Nikki Edmond Pecou, SRTR wants to foster an environment that allows women to become the first person on their priority list.  Meet ups include kids from ages 6 months and up, riding bicycles or sitting in jogging strollers or just running right alongside of the ladies.  With a “No Excuses” motto, no woman is ever left behind on the RUNway!

Since its inception SRTR has developed groups coaching women on the Couch to 5k program, their specially designed 2 Mile Tuesday and Thursday program for walkers with groups held in Atlantic City, N.J. on the boardwalk and another group held off shore in Mays Landing, N.J. allowing women from all locations to follow the “NO EXCUSES” motto.  SRTR is comprised of women of all ages and women from various professional backgrounds.  The organization participated in its first Breast Cancer walk "Making Strides" in Ocean City, New Jersey in October 2014.

Sisters Ripping the RUNway is responsible for bringing the first annual fitness conference the MOVE SOMETHING! CONFERENCE in April 2015 to the Atlantic City area.  The conference premiered to a sold out audience of  200 women from surrounding areas in Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Local sponsors as well as local businesses contributed to the success of the conference.  The MOVE SOMETHING! conference continues to be a huge success each year!

Meet ups are held weekly for runners as well as walkers and all levels are encouraged to join

"A great little idea that turned into something awesome!"

The Founder of the 

Move Something! Conference &

Sisters Ripping the RUNway